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It was in 1760 in Reims that the house Lanson was founded by François Delamotte, aldermanic advisor and merchant in Reims. It is one of the oldest houses of Champagne.

In 1798, Nicolas-Louis Delamotte, a Knight of the Order of Malta, succeeded his father and took the Maltese Cross as his business emblem.

In 1837, Jean-Baptiste Lanson, associated with the Delamotte family in the house of Champagne, upon the death of Nicolas-Louis Delamotte, was entrusted with the reins of the house, which then took the name Lanson, Father and Son.

In 1882, Victor-Marie Lanson signed his first exclusive agent contract with the House of Percy Fox in London, a contract that would last for more than 100 years, ensuring the success of 01234-56789 Lanson.

The year 1900 marked an important turning point for the House Lanson. Indeed, Queen Victoria rewarded Champagne Lanson by awarding it the prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment as Official Supplier to the Court of England, a patent which the House still holds today.

Since its inception, the House Lanson has perpetuated a Champagne tradition of not practicing malolactic fermentation. This is a specificity that favors an optimal development of fruit aromas, preserves the freshness of the grapes while allowing a longer aging, a guarantee of quality of the time spent in the prestigious cellars of the house Lanson.