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De Sousa Cuvée des Caudalies 2012 Le Mesnil : Les Chétillons

Champagne - Extra brut - Grand Cru - Blanc de blancs - De Sousa
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De Sousa

De Sousa

The House De Sousa is located in the town of Avize in the heart of the prestigious Côte des blancs. It was founded by Antoine De Sousa in the 1950s by marriage with a girl from a family of winemakers. Today, Erick De Sousa is one of the most talented winemakers in the region, favoring a sustainable approach to his vineyard to produce authentic and pure Champagnes.

What is the history of Maison De Sousa?

In the aftermath of World War I, Manuel De Sousa, originally from the province of Braga and part of the Portuguese contingent sent to the front, decided to settle in Champagne at Avize with his wife. His son Antoine married Zoémie Bonville, from a family of winegrowers long established in the region. A "success story" that has never ceased to exist. Their son Erick took over in 1986, and showed exceptional talent in raising the vineyard to a level of excellence Rare that has been achieved. Today, he is gradually passing on his heritage and passion to his three children: Charlotte, Julie and Valentin, who will continue to write the pages of history.

What is the terroir of the House De Sousa?

The House De Sousa watches over a vineyard of 9.5 hectares of vines classified as Grand Cru on the Avize on the Côte des blancs. Located between the very qualitative terroirs of Cramant to the north and Oger to the south, Avize has a soil and a subsoil composed entirely of chalk, which allows a perfect drainage of the vineyard and brings freshness and minerality to the vines. Deeply rooted, the vines are also remarkably well oriented, with an East-South-East exposure offering optimal sunshine. The grape variety is 60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunier.

Having always worked his vines with respect, Erick De Sousa began a conversion of his vineyard and obtained certification in Organic Agriculture in 2010 and Biodynamics in 2013. A state of mind that allows to give the wines always more identity and finesse.

The emblematic vintages of the House De Sousa

The House De Sousa produces several vintages that will allow to celebrate all occasions.

The Extra-Brut Blanc de blancs is an excellent appetizer to understand and appreciate the house's expertise. A precise Champagne, with a floral aromatic dominance and so the bubble is refined, perfect for an aperitif.

The Cuvée des Caudalies Millésimé 2010 is an out of the ordinary Champagne, made from the best parcels, vinified and aged in oak barrels. Round, deep and deliciously aromatic with a dominant of white flesh fruits and spices, it will accompany refined dishes, whether white meats or fish.

How can we not mention the Cuvée Umami 2012, a blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir from several Grands Crus. Aged in oak barrels, it gets its name from the fact that it leaves a soft, oily sensation on the palate, evoking the fifth flavor described by the Japanese. A Champagne of great complexity, with a unique mineral sensation enabled by the application of biodynamics in the vineyard bringing out this flavor.

Description De Sousa Cuvée des Caudalies 2012 Le Mesnil : Les Chétillons.

"A caudalie is a unit of measurement that expresses the duration of expression in the mouth of the wine's aromas, it is calculated at the moment the wine is swallowed. One caudalie equals one Seconde." 

This cuvée highlights the Mesnil terroir on the wonderful 2012 harvest. By selecting a vintage from a single terroir and plot, the De Sousa family wanted to highlight its character, its unique feature as well as its strength. 

The gray scents are immediate and precise: carbon, pencil lead. Transparency is illustrated through the freshness of white flowers, spring humus, sweet spices, iodine and lemon salt. The feeling of Extraction, concentration and then great education magnetizes. Very generous, the yellow stone fruits on a buttery cookie: apricot, mirabelle plum radiate great maturity.

The olfactory ascent is empyreumatic, sublimating smoky, burnt, pure gray salt, sweet fragrances of white truffles, and cashew nuts. Tenderness, richness and creaminess contrast with the palate's taut acidity, sharpened by green and yellow citrus fruits and granny apples. The fatness of the nuts imposes itself as a protective film for an immediate connection to the raw material posed on its source of birth and earthly life.  

A complex, rich Champagne that would be desirable to sublimate with exceptional dishes such as a lamb sourie confit or a hard cheese aged 24 or 36 months. 

The Caudalie cuvée has an ageing potential of 15 to 20 years.