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Philipponnat Royale Réserve Rosé

Champagne - Brut - Rosé - Philipponnat
Bottle 0.75L
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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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Grape varieties
Pinot Noir 75%
Chardonnay 20%
Pinot Meunier 5%


For 5 centuries now, the Philipponnat family has been making its mark on the land of Champagne. The House Philipponnat was founded in 1522 on the lands of Aÿ, where all generations have succeeded one another. Possessing a unique historical and viticultural heritage, it reigns today over a vineyard of 20 hectares classified as Premier Cru and Grand Cru in Aÿ, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and Avenay.

 The House Philipponnat produces exceptional vintages that express the richness of their terroir, shining with elegance and purity.

What is the history of Maison Philipponnat?

April de Philipponnat was a soldier in the army of François I, and was granted lands in Aÿ by the king as a reward for his exploits at the Battle of Marignan in 1515. The Philipponnats will thus devote themselves over the generations to the elaboration of Champagnes wines, and acquire at the beginning of the XXth century cellars dug in the XVIIIth century in Château of Mareuil, a village classified in Premier Cru. These cellars are still today an exceptional heritage.

In 1997, the House Philipponnat will be acquired by the group of Champagnes Lanson-BCC, but retains its family heritage. Charles Philipponnat is now its general manager.

What is the terroir of Maison Philipponnat?

House Philipponnat operates a 20-hectare vineyard classified as Premier Cru and Grand Cru in Aÿ, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and Avenay. The vines are worked with the greatest respect for the soil and the environment, in particular by the use of draught horses for the ploughing. The House Philipponnat... See more ...

Description Philipponnat Royale Réserve Rosé.

The Cuvée Royale Réserve Rosé from Maison Philipponnat is made from Pinot Noir (75%), Chardonnay (20%) and Pinot Meunier (5%). The first press is composed mainly of Grands Crus and Premiers Crus. 25 to 30% of Réserve wines vinified in solera and aged in wood complete the blend. 

The Champagne red wine used to make Cuvée Royale Réserve Rosé is made from grapes from the terroirs of Mareuil-sur-Ay, one of the Philipponnat family's historic crus and the village where the Maison is based today.

This cuvée is characterized by its fine bouquet where fruity notes reveal themselves to be complex. On the palate, the attack is precise and fruit notes highlight spicy touches.

The mouth is full and ample, carried by good acidity and a slight astringency that brings out the fruit.

To be fully appreciated when its youth exalts all its fruitiness. The quality of the blend of Cuvée Royale Réserve Rosé enables it to age nobly for several years.