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Barons de Rothschild

Barons de Rothschild

Barons de Rothschild

Passionate about the greatest Terroirs in France, since 2005 the three branches of the Rothschild Family - represented by Baron Philippe Sereys de Rothschild (Château Mouton Rothschild),

Baron Benjamin and his wife Ariane (Château Clarke - Groupe Edmond de Rothschild), Baron Éric and his daughter Saskia (Château Lafitte Rothschild) - are uniting, for the first time around a common will, in the creation of an exceptional Champagne wine.

The House's credo: "The first quality must be absolute elegance!"

The Family's personal and original interpretation of this Grand Vin de Champagne involves a very "chardonnay" style.

The latter accounts for over 70% of the House's supplies, only in Premier Cru and Grand Cru.

And to claim the purest possible expression of the nobility of these juices, dosages are minimalist.