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Albert Bichot

Albert Bichot

Albert Bichot

The roots of this family of Bourgogne go back to the Middle Ages.

The House was only founded in 1831 by Bernard Bichot in Monthélie, but it was Albert Bichot, the current name of the house, which permanently installed it in Beaune in 1912, in the heart of Bourgogne, not far from the prestigious walls of Hospices de Beaune, where the very famous Auction Sales take place every year.

The house owns to date the Domaines of Long-Depaquit in Chablis (65 hectares), of Clos-Frantin in Nuits-Saint-Georges (7.3 hectares), as Château-Gris (3.5 hectares), of the Pavilion in Pommard and some others but not classified as Grand or Premier Cru that our house, faithful to its Charter, has not retained in its list of its wines of Bourgogne.

After a reasoned cultivation of the vineyards shared with its winegrower suppliers, after meticulously executed harvests, the wines are aged in barrels for 12 to 18 months. These barrels are of different origin (Tronçais, Allier...), of different ages and toast and are used according to their specificities to age the wine in an optimal way. A whole art that only the descendants of these old Burgundian families know and that they transmit to each other like a precious heritage.

Albert Bichot, it is not only a personal wine heritage but also a heritage of close relationships with the Burgundian winegrowers-deliverers. It is also a heritage of know-how transmitted for many centuries. It is a diversity that forces admiration.

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