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Roger Coulon

Roger Coulon

Roger Coulon

"The purest of terroirs in Premier Cru"

The House Roger Coulon is located north of Montagne de Reims on the village of Vrigny, stemming first and foremost from a long family history that finds its origins in 1806. Isabelle and Eric Coulon are today at the head of Domaine, accompanied by their children Edgar and Louise who represent the ninth generation. A vineyard that has always been conducted with enthusiasm and passion in the deepest respect for the land and the vine, giving birth to Champagnes resolutely apart.

An exceptional terroir combined with great know-how

The House Roger Coulon is located on the village of Vrigny in Premier Cru north of the Montagne de Reims. The vineyard reaches a size of 10 hectares of vines conducted in Organic Agriculture since 2022 as well as in Agroforestry. Indeed, it is important to the Coulon family to maintain the ecosystem within their vineyards and to bring to the soil a self-sufficiency that makes such harmony possible. Each grape variety thus finds its bloom, it is of course Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

As far as winemaking is concerned, the wines are made without chemical inputs, and are neither filtered nor fined. Maison Roger Coulon is currently validating a historic approach for the Champagne region, that of conducting a vineyard in Premier Cru exclusively in a natural way.

Isabelle Coulon sums up their approach to the environment as follows, "The important thing with our wine is that it can inscribe its identity over time, testify to the unique character of our Terroir and offer the expression of a very particular style."

Louise and Edgar both have degrees in wine and spirits business and viticulture and enology, respectively. Thus, they have in their hands a beautiful heritage that they will know how to continue to enhance.

The emblematic vintages of the House Roger Coulon

The House Roger Coulon is distinguished by elegant vintages of great purity that are divided into two collections: "Reference" and "Empreinte".

The Heri Hodie Brut Premier Cru cuvée, from the "Reference" range, is made only from Pinot Meunier: 90% being Réserve wines and 10% being wines of the year. A fine and delicate Champagne, offering beautiful fruity and pastry notes that make it a perfect companion for aperitifs, amuse bouche and fish dishes.

The Esprit de Vrigny Premier Cru cuvée, from the "Empreinte" range, is a blend of the three grape varieties, aged on lees in oak barrels for 10 months. It is also non dosed, therefore without sugars. It is a particularly well-built Champagne, mineral and with a beautiful freshness, with notes of flowers, fruits Secs and spices, ideal on refined fish dishes.

And what about the cuvée L'Hommée Extra brut Premier Cru, from the "Reference" range, based on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Aged for 10 months in small barrels on the lees, this is a persistent, elegant and gourmet Champagne that will be perfect with refined dishes such as scallops or ravioli with truffles.