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Château La Gaffelière

Château La Gaffelière

A very fine wine that reflects the very best produced on Rive droite de Bordeaux, here's Château La Gaffelière. Nestled between the Pavie and Ausone hills south of the village of Saint-Emilion, the first traces of this Domaine vineyard date back to Roman antiquity, as evidenced by remains discovered in 1969.  Read more

Château La Gaffelière

It takes its name from "Gaffets", a term used to describe lepers in the Middle Ages, when Saint-Emilion was home to a leper colony. At that time, most of them carried a stick, the "gaffe", which they used to beg and move around.

For over three centuries now, the estate has been governed by the de Malet-Roquefort family, who continue to develop the terroir with passion and energy, vintage after vintage.

The Château La Gaffelière was named Premier Grand Cru Classé as soon as the Saint-Emilion classification was created in 1955. Thanks to the high reputation of its wines, it will retain this distinction up to and including the 2021 vintage. At the beginning of 2022, Domaine will opt to withdraw from the classification, the next edition of which was due to be made official in September of the same year. Thus, from the 2022 vintage, the label of Château La Gaffelière will mention only the Saint-Emilion appellation Grand Cru. 

The Château La Gaffelière has a 22-hectare vineyard with full southern exposure, spread over the three specific terroirs of Saint-Emilion: the limestone plateau, the clay-limestone hillside and the foot of the hillside composed of silica. The grape varieties are 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet franc. The wines are aged for 12 to 15 months in French oak barrels, 50% of which are new.

A Second wine is produced with the same care as its illustrious elder, Clos La Gaffelière. 

The Château La Gaffelière offers wines that combine freshness, complexity and purity of fruit. Their controlled power and velvety texture are the signature of an exceptional terroir.