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Armand Heitz

Armand Heitz

Armand Heitz

If the family Domaine was born in the mid-19th century in Chassagne Montrachet en Bourgogne, it's in 2011, with the arrival of Armand Heitz at its helm, that it begins to make a name for itself.
Armand starts with one hectare the first year and gradually takes over the vines from his parents, uncles and aunts. Today, Domaine has around 20 hectares in Meursault, Pommard, Volnay, Chassagne Montrachet, Saint Aubin ... and even in Juliénas (Domaine La Combe Vineuse).
There are two structures, Domaine Heitz-Lochardet for wines from Domaine and Armand Heitz for wines made from the Domaine harvest and grape purchases.

Domaine follows biodynamic principles, but the more it grew, the more difficult it became to maintain its methods. Armand Heitz, convinced of the benefits of sustainable, environmentally-friendly cultivation, then advocated the more virtuous notions of permaculture and agroecology. To take this eco-responsible, regenerative farming approach to its logical conclusion, Domaine has also developed a cow and sheep breeding business.

Armand seeks pure, aromatic and expressive wines, true reflections of their terroirs.

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