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Paul Déthune

Paul Déthune

Paul Déthune

The Champagne Paul Déthune embodies the perfect blend of family tradition, exceptional terroir and meticulous craftsmanship. Founded by the Déthune family, this house of Champagne located in the village of Ambonnay, in the heart of the Champagne, bears witness to a rich heritage and a tireless quest for quality and authenticity.

The family history goes back several generations, when Paul Déthune founded the eponymous house in 1930. Since then, the family has continued to perpetuate the passion for wine and the love of terroir, passing on from generation to generation the values for which the house is renowned.

Terroir is the foundation of the excellence of its cuvées. The vineyards extend over almost 6 hectares, mainly located in the village Grand Cru of Ambonnay, renowned for its chalky soil and microclimate favorable to the cultivation of Pinot Noir, the region's emblematic grape variety.

The vineyards focus mainly on Pinot Noir, which takes center stage in the creation of cuvées of great elegance and aromatic complexity. The vines are cultivated with care, favoring environmentally-friendly practices and seeking to Extra extract the best from the terroir.

Manufacturing methods reflect a commitment to quality and tradition. Harvesting is carried out by hand to ensure meticulous selection of bunches, and grapes are gently pressed to pRéserver their aromatic purity. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats, and some of the wines undergo malolactic fermentation for a rounder texture.

The majority of Champagnes are aged in oak barrels, adding a dimension of complexity and refinement to the cuvées. This ageing stage enables the wines of Champagne Paul Déthune to develop their unique character while preserving their freshness.

The location of Champagne Paul Déthune in Ambonnay, village Grand Cru, is a considerable asset. This prestigious terroir offers ideal climatic conditions for growing Pinot Noir and creating Champagnes with marked personality, reflecting the richness and finesse of the Champagne terroir.