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The dazzle of the Champagne region

What savvy Champagnes lover doesn't know about Maison Laurent-Perrier, whose sumptuous vintages possess an almost refreshing taste of history? A true reference within the circle of the great houses of Champagne, the House of Laurent-Perrier has always shown an innovative spirit by displaying a very distinctive style of finesse and elegance for two centuries now. Strong in its convictions and authenticity, it is among the houses listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, which ensures the long-term storage of exceptional vintages.

What is the history of the House Laurent-Perrier?

It was towards the end of the First Empire, in 1812, that André-Michel Pierlot, a former cooper and bottler from Chigny-les-Roses, settled in Tours-sur-Marne as a wine merchant for Champagne. Tours-sur-Marne is a picturesque village located at the crossroads of the three main wine-producing regions of the Marne: Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne and Côte des blancs, and is one of the 17 communes to be classified as Grand Cru. In particular, he acquired two parcels, "Les Plaisances" and "La Tour Glorieux", on which he founded his own house.

His son Alphonse will succeed him but the latter having had no children, it will be his cellar master Eugene Laurent who will become the owner in 1881. It is him who will endow this small business of Champagne with several annexes in Tours-sur-Marne and pieces of vines in the best crus of the region: Bouzy, Tours-sur-Marne and Ambonnay, all classified in Grand Cru. He also had 800 meters of cellars dug in order to preserve the wines in optimal conditions, a constant that is still unique to the house today.

Following the death of Eugène Laurent in 1887, it was his wife Mathilde Perrier who ensured the continuity of the house and decided to combine their two names to form the House Laurent-Perrier. In 1920, she joined forces with Sir Alexandre Fletcher Keith McKenzie to develop the house in England, which marked the first step in the internationalization of Champagnes Laurent-Perrier. The company was then sold to the Nonancourt family in 1939, and it was Bernard de Nonancourt who brought it to the top thanks to his innate business sense and incredible perseverance. In 2010, his two daughters took over the reins, continuing to keep the heart of this illustrious house beating.

Champagnes Laurent-Perrier: emblematic vintages

The ranges of Champagnes Laurent-Perrier all share the same constant refinement and precision, where the purity of their terroir is expressed to the delight of tasters.

The millésime 2012, a blend of equal parts Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, embodies the DNA of the House Laurent-Perrier. Very mineral, persistent and on the fruit, it will sublimate all types of dishes based on seafood, fish or white meats.

And what can we say about the millésime 2000, with a perfect balance, where the harmonious notes of citrus and flowers bring richness and freshness. Definitely a very great Champagne, ready to embellish special occasions.

The cuvée Grand Siècle Itération n°25 was created by Bernard de Nonancourt in 1959, being a prestigious Champagne but notMillésimé. Made with the best parcels from the best years, it has a beautiful intensity, a lot of depth and elegance. Enjoy with fine food.