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Petrus, a myth among myths, no more, no less. The most famous cru of Bordeaux, born of an exceptional terroir combined with a unique and jealously guarded savoir-faire. In the 19th century, Domaine was founded by the Arnaud family, naming it after the first of the Popes. Read more


In 1925, Edmonde Loubat acquired shares in Domaine, spotting its great potential. For 20 years, she promoted the wines, and in 1945 joined forces with Jean-Pierre Moueix, originally from Corrèze and head of his own trading house in Libourne.

Together, they relentlessly developed the reputation of Petrus, sharing the firm conviction that it would become the equal of the great Châteaux of Rive gauche. The wine became particularly popular in the United States, with Kennedy becoming its first ambassador. On the death of Edmonde Loubat in 1961, Jean-Pierre Moueix became sole owner and called on oenologist Jean-Claude Berrouet to take charge of vinification. Over the following decades, Petrus rose to the top of the hierarchy of great Bordeaux wines. 

Today, Jean-Pierre Moueix's sons and grandsons, Jean-François and Jean, are at the helm of Domaine, accompanied by Olivier Berrouet who has replaced his father in the cellar and continues to give birth to the Petrus style.

Today, Petrus reigns over an 11.5-hectare vineyard, planted on a 40-metre-high hillock, whose soils are of a unique clay nature, with blue clays on the surface and red in the subsoil due to the presence of iron dross. These clays provide an excellent supply of water, acting like a sponge to redistribute it to the vines when they need it. The grape varieties are 100% Merlot. The wines are aged between 18 and 20 months in 100% new French oak barrels. 

Petrus is a wine with absolutely unique olfactory and gustatory characteristics. Velvety, deep, racy and particularly seductive, with its distinctive truffle character, it leaves a lasting impression on those lucky enough to taste it at least once in their lives.