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Vallée du Rhône
Vallée du Rhône - resp

Rhône Valley

The Rhône Valley is one of the world's most renowned and prestigious wine-growing regions. With its picturesque landscapes and climate conducive to viticulture, it's home to a range of prestigious appellations that captivate wine connoisseurs the world over. 

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Rhône Valley wines

Discover the different Rhône appellations:

Among these appellations, Côte rôtie, Hermitage, Saint Joseph and Châteauneuf-du-Pape are jewels that embody the excellence and diversity of this region's wines.

Côte rôtie is a steeply sloping vineyard located on the Rive droite of the Rhône. Its name literally means "toasted coast", referring to the sunny exposure of its steep hillsides. Here, the king grape variety is Syrah, which produces wines of remarkable intensity. Côte rôtie wines are often elegant and complex, with aromas of black fruits, spices and violets, as well as a well-balanced tannic structure.

L'Hermitage, meanwhile, is considered one of the Rhône Valley's greatest terroirs. Situated on a hill overlooking the town of Tain-l'Hermitage, this vineyard produces exceptional red and white wines. Hermitage red wines are made mainly from Syrah, offering powerful flavors of red fruits, black olives and spices. White wines are produced from Marsanne and Roussanne, giving them aromatic complexity ranging from yellow fruits to floral and honey notes.

Saint Joseph is another flagship appellation in the Rhône Valley. Spanning both banks of the Rhône, this vineyard benefits from a wide diversity of soils and microclimates. The red wines of Saint Joseph are dominated by Syrah, offering similar characteristics to those of Hermitage, though slightly less concentrated. The white wines, made from Marsanne and Roussanne, are fresh, fruity and elegant, with good acidity.

Finally, Châteauneuf-du-Pape is one of the Rhône Valley's most famous appellations. Located near Avignon, it's known for its powerful, complex red wines. The Grenache grape is the main player here, bringing aromas of ripe red fruits, spices and garrigue. Wines from Châteauneuf-du-Pape are also distinguished by their ability to age gracefully, gaining complexity and refinement over the years.

Exploring these prestigious Rhône Valley appellations, wine connoisseurs are transported to a world of captivating flavors, aromas and textures. Each wine expresses the unique terroir of its appellation, reflecting both the meticulous work of the winemakers and the region's rich winegrowing heritage. Whether it's an elegant côte rôtie, a powerful Hermitage, a fresh Saint Joseph or a complex Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the wines of the Rhône Valley offer an unforgettable tasting experience and bear witness to the excellence of French viticulture.