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Domaine Marguet: a biodynamic vision of Champagne.

Located at Ambonnay, in the heart of the Champagne region, Domaine Marguet stands out for its commitment to biodynamics, a Rare approach in Champagne. This conversion, initiated by Benoît Marguet, has profoundly transformed practices at Domaine. Read more


While Benoit's parents Marguet sold their grapes to Maison Krug, Benoit Marguet developed his own wine range with numerous parcel-based cuvées highlighting the diversity and richness of the old vines of Domaine.

As a fervent advocate of Biodynamics, Benoît Marguet, has revolutionized working methods by introducing biodynamic preparations, phytotherapy, and aromatherapy. He has also introduced tillage with draught horses. The Domaine obtained Demeter certification in 2013.

Benoît Marguet's approach is guided by respect for natural balance, service to life, and delicate accompaniment of the winemaking process, avoiding any Brutality. Particular attention is paid to fermentation and ageing in oak barrels. The use of sulfites is minimized.

Parallel to this, a significant effort has been made on dosage, drastically reduced or even eliminated on most cuvées. This evolution demonstrates that meticulous work in the vineyards produces wines that are authentic, expressive and naturally balanced by their terroir.

The culmination of this approach is represented by the cuvée Sapience, the result of a collaboration with oenologist Hervé Jestin. Certified organic and Millésimée every year, this cuvée embodies the new generation of prestige cuvées in Champagne.

Today, the Champagnes Marguet stand out for their exceptional depth and intensity. They are the result of meticulous and passionate work, placing respect for nature at the heart of the winemaking process.

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