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Château Soutard

Château Soutard

Château Soutard

Superbly located near the village of Saint-Emilion, the Château Soutard asserts its splendor both by its beautiful building and the unforgettable quality of its wines. Its origins go back to 1513, it was then located on the Bourdieu of Mayne de Soutard, Bourdieu designating a Domaine gascon around a farm and a mill. It is in the XIXth century that it knew a real development under the impulse of Jean Lavau, notable owner of Saint-Emilion. Since 2006, the Château belongs to AG2R La Mondiale. New state-of-the-art technical facilities have been installed, including a magnificent cellar, and wine tourism has been wonderfully developed. Today, Château Soutard welcomes visitors from all over the world, who are delighted by this exceptional place.

The Château Soutard is now a Grand Cru Classé in the Saint-Emilion classification.

The Château Soutard watches over a 30-hectare (86-acre) vineyard implanted on the magnificent limestone plateau of Saint-Emilion. Some of the vines are located on clay slopes and on a sandy hillside. The grape varieties are 63% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Franc, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Malbec. The wines are aged for 18 months in French oak barrels, 60% of which are new. The vineyard is conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

Since 2016, the Second wine of the property is called Petit Soutard.

The Château Soutard produces wines known for being fine, elegant, complex and deliciously fruity, reflecting the magnificence of its soil.

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