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Alexandre Penet

Alexandre Penet

Alexandre Penet

The family has been winemakers for 4 centuries, but Domaine was only acquired in 1930 by the Penet brothers, Gilbert and Désiré.

Following a marriage, Domaine was renamed Penet- Chardonnet.

Since 2008, Alexandre Penet (Gilbert's great-grandson) and his wife Martine have watched over the 6 ha of vines classified as Grand Cru on Montagne de Reims, 5 on Verzy and 1 on Vernezay.

The Champagnes all have a strong personality; this is due to blending with wines from Réserve from a "perpetual Réserve" (identical to a solera system).

Since 2011 Alexandre Penet has also been making cuvées for the trade under its own name, full of character and finesse, all in Extra-Brut or Brut nature.