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The house of Champagne Philippe Gonet is located in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, in the heart of the emblematic terroir of this region of Champagne and the most prestigious appellation: Grand Cru Classé, one of Rares 17 villages among the 320 entitled to the Champagne appellation and placed at the very top of the quality scale.

Founded in 1830, the vineyard is run by the seventh generation.

Winegrower of 20 hectares spread over 32 parcels, mainly planted with chardonnay grapes on the terroir of Mesnil-sur-Oger (including a historic parcel from 1929) and Oger, but also in Vertus (Côte des blancs) vineyard classified Premier Cru.

The pinot noir parcels are located in Mesnil and Vertus (Côte des blancs), others in Sézannais (Rilly-la-Montagne) or in Aube (Montgueux).

The annual production is about 200,000 bottles. The wines are aged for many years in double-secular cellars dating from the eighteenth century, a priceless heritage and a guarantee of authenticity and quality.

The Domaine is certified and committed to a sustainable practice and respectful of the environment, cultivate its land and its vines in a more ecological way: without inSec pesticide, without herbicide and with organic fertilizers.

Philippe Gonet produces many qualities from the Brut without year to the most exquisite vintages.

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