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Weinbach or literally "wine stream" was erected in 1612 by Capuchin monks and it was they who named a piece of land of about 5 hectares surrounding Domaine with surrounding walls "Clos des Capucins". This clos is cited as early as 890, the year in which the Empress Richarde donated it to the Abbey of Etival, which in turn detached part of it for the benefit of the Capuchin monks.

The Domaine lies at the foot of the majestic hill of Schlossberg classified Grand Cru, in a bosky bower of vines.

It was in 1898 that the Faller brothers acquired this vineyard, which today is led by Colette Faller and her daughters Catherine and Laurence.

The 30 hectares of Domaine headquartered in Kaysersberg are spread, among others, over 4 Grand Crus - Schlossberg, Furstentum, Mambourg and Marckrain and are planted with sylvaner, muscat, pinots, riesling, Gewurztraminer.

Parcel yields are very controlled to remain low with vine pruning at the beginning of winter, year after year, very controlled.

True to its Charter, Premiers Grands Crus is pleased to present these exceptional wines all classified Grand Cru.

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