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Albert Boxler

Albert Boxler

The roots of vineyard Albert Boxler go back to 1673. This family-run Domaine is now run by Jean Boxler (a grandson of Albert) and his wife Sylvie. It is located in NIEDERMORSCHWIHR, between KALTZENTHAL and TURCKHEIM, a village enclosed in a setting of mamelons, very close to COLMAR. Read more

Albert Boxler

The entire vineyard is planted in terraces on very steep slopes, making manual vineyard work very difficult. It covers around 14 hectares, with average production of 65,000 bottles depending on the year.

The vineyard is planted with Riesling (40%), Pinot Gris (20%), Gewurztraminer (20%) and the rest with various Alsatian grape varieties. The house owns 4 hectares of the 28-hectare Sommerberg Grand Cru as well as 2 hectares of parcels on Grand Cru Brand, some of which are over 65 years old

The wine ferments in foudres for one year.

In order to protect the specificity of each terroir, the wines are vinified plot by plot without necessarily blending them. 

"The Domaine Albert Boxler offers a consistency and quality that few properties in France can match" (Guide Parker 2013).

 " Jean Boxler skilfully farms the granite terroirs around Niedermorschwihr. Half of the parcels in Domaine are located in the Sommerberg and Brand grands crus, and make it possible to produce several cuvées that express the subtle nuances existing within each terroir. The hard work carried out in the vineyards has resulted in cuvées of the highest level throughout the range" (le guide Bettane & Desseauve des vins 2013)

Divine wines as one can only dream of!

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