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Pierre Gimonnet & Fils Cuvée Oenophile 2017

Champagne - Brut nature - Premier Cru - Blanc de blancs - Pierre Gimonnet
Bottle 0.75L
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Pierre Gimonnet

Pierre Gimonnet

A house with noble origins, inviting to a journey made of elegance and saline freshness in the heart of Côte des blancs, so can be rightly presented the House Pierre Gimonnet. Existing for almost three centuries, it is one of the Rares houses to have a vineyard planted only with Chardonnay, on terroirs classified exclusively as Premiers Crus and Grands Crus. Discover a family house that has always favored quality and an innovative spirit, requirements that offer the beautiful Champagnes.

What is the history of the House Pierre Gimonnet?

It is around 1750 that we can find in the archives the traces of the Gimonnet's as winegrowers in Champagne, where they deliver their harvest to the Champagne trade. From generation to generation, they passed on their love of the vine. It is only around 1935 that Pierre Gimonnet started the wine making activity of its own house. Michel, Pierre's son, joined the estate in 1955. His passion and pragmatism allowed him to be a forerunner in terms of parcel-based vinification, which offers each terroir the ability to fully express itself. Today it is Olivier and Didier Gimonnet who embody the third generation, worthy heirs of an exceptional know-how.

What is the terroir of Maison Pierre Gimonnet?

The vineyards of Maison Gimmonet cover approximately 30 hectares that are located on the land of choice for great Chardonnay: Côte des blancs. Located on slopes classified as Premiers Crus, Vertus and Cuis, and Grands Crus, Cramant, Chouilly and Oger, the vines benefit from a deep rooting on chalky subsoils which bring freshness and ensure a perfect ripeness of the fruit and minerality in the wines. A massal selection is meticulously practiced, meaning that the most interesting vines are chosen from the best plots in order to be grafted during replanting.

Privileging an environmentally friendly viticulture, the Gimonnet family conducts its vineyard in integrated agriculture, limits the use of inputs for the respect of the soil and does everything to pRéserver the biodiversity of its ecosystem. Practices that prioritize the purity of the fruit and shape the expression of their Champagnes.

What are the emblematic cuvées of the House Pierre Gimonnet?

The Champagnes of the House of Gimonnet have a style that is defined by three essential criteria: a faithful reflection of their terroir and origins, an invitation to pleasure thanks to freshness and complexity, as well as a good aptitude for aging.

So the house offers many fine cuvées:

Their Brut Cuis 1er Cru is a Champagne full of finesse, liveliness and a beautiful aromatic breadth, suitable for all occasions.

Also in Premier Cru, their cuvée Gastronome 1er Cru vintage 2018 delights with its elegance, balance and beautiful matter in the mouth that provides greed and pleasure.

Let's mention the cuvée Special Club Oger Grand Cru vintage 2015, a signature of richness of the Côte des blancs. A delicate and creamy Champagne, whose fine aromas and subtle minerality will notably accompany gourmet meals.

The consistency of Maison Gimonnet's Champagnes will satisfy both the palates of the curious and the most discerning.

Description Pierre Gimonnet & Fils Cuvée Oenophile 2017.

This is a Champagne blend of wines exclusively from parcels in the Côte des blancs classified Grands Crus : Choully (44%), Cramant (24%), Oger (5%) and Premiers Crus : Cuis (21%) and Vertus (6%).

Made only from Chardonnay varietal wines, this Champagne not dosed with Brut nature is made only from wines of the 2017 harvest.

This Oenophile cuvée, which is said of a person who knows how to taste and knows about wines/winegrowing, is characterized by a blend of the great vintages of Côte des blancs, with a long aging on lees for a minimum of 4 years and in Brut nature in order to get the purest aromas, without artifices.

The grapes are harvested by hand and production is limited to only 3,000 bottles per year.

La robe is golden and clear with a string of fine bubbles.

The nose reveals a wide range of aromas from ripe yellow fruit such as peach, apricot, quince with touches of honey and gingerbread.

The palate overturns the palette of fruits felt in the nose from vine peach to gingerbread.

Will go perfectly well with shellfish, white meats or simply as an aperitif on foie gras toast, grilled langoustine skewers or red mullet a la plancha.

Bottles laid down to be kept in a cellar protected from light and noise with a hygrometric degree of approximately 70%.

To be served around 8 to 10 °C but not less in order to appreciate its fine flavors and delicate fragrances.

We suggest, in order to let it perfect over time, successive tastings to measure its olfactory and gustatory evolution until its peak quality.