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Cognac Kelt an exception in the world of Cognac.

Until the end of the nineteenth century, Cognacs that had already aged in Limousin oak barrels in the cellars along the banks of the Charente River before being loaded onto barges and then onto boats either from Bordeaux or from La Rochelle were sold in barrels.

The casks were sealed with wax or with claw bungs driven very deep into the wood in order to guarantee the origin and volume of the product in the cask when it arrived at its destination, in the port closest to the buyer.

Only once they arrived at the warehouses of the buyer who was also the Distributor in foreign markets were the Cognacs bottled often under both the names of the foreign buyer and the French Cognac Negociant.

Then, between the 1900s and 1940s, legislation became stricter by requiring Cognac Negociants to bottle in the appellation contrôlée area exclusively in order to be entitled to the Cognac appellation. Thus, a succession of Laws was born, the three main ones being the compulsory bottling in the appellation area, the definition of the appellation area to have the right to the appellation Cognac and the definition of the crus within this delimited region with its crus including the one of the Grande Champagne Classified Premier Cru of the Cognac Region.

Professional tasting of Rares bottles of Cognac found abroad and dating precisely before the 1900s reveals that these Cognacs that had traveled for long months in barrels around the World not only have remarkable qualities but are rounder and more complex.

The House of Kelt has taken up this method of aging by traveling its Cognacs around the World and for the first time in 2006 on a ship called "Gotheborg" which sailed from Gothenburg, Sweden to Guangzhou and Shanghai in CHine. This ship is a replica of a ship from the 1740s.

When they arrived in CHine, the Cognacs Kelts that had already aged for many, many years in the cellars in France had become much rounder and more complex during comparative tastings of the Cognacs before and after their sea voyage.

Thus, the Cognacs Kelt were born.

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