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Owner of 65 Hectares of vineyards located between the heart of the Grande Champagne of Cognac and the banks of the River Charente in Petite Champagne of Cognac, the House Brillet; entirely family business declines the activities of production, distillation and bottling, before proposing a range of prestigious Cognacs.

The house and its cellars run along the river, a historical situation, like many Cognac houses, which allowed barges to come and load the wine harvested on the surrounding hillsides or load the distilled harvest in order to prolong its conservation in the following years and highly appreciated by the Scandinavian countries or New France (later called Canada) founded by Dugua de Mons and Champlain.

While the archives testify to the existence of this family going back as far as 1656, it was not until 1850 that Guy Brillet settled in Angeac as a winemaker. The House is now run by a fifth generation of the same name.

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