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Champagne Suenen, a family Domaine based in Cramant, embodies Champagne tradition with a contemporary twist. Read more


Founded by Aurélien Suenen, representing the fourth generation of a line of winemakers, Domaine is renowned for its Champagnes of exceptional quality, reflecting the unique terroir of Côte des blancs.

The family history dates back to Edmond, who began cultivating vines at Cramant in the early 20th century. His son, Georges, consolidated the family wine business, and it was under the guidance of his grandson, Aurélien, that Domaine underwent a significant transformation.

Aurélien, a passionate and visionary winemaker, took the reins of Domaine at the beginning of the 21st century. Driven by the desire to produce Champagnes of exceptional elegance, he has combined the traditional know-how inherited from his family with modern, environmentally-friendly viticultural practices.

The Domaine covers around 8 hectares, mainly located in the prestigious Côte des blancs, renowned for its chalky soils and climate conducive to white grape varieties. The vines, mainly planted with Chardonnay, benefit from ideal exposure, favoring optimal ripening of the grapes.

The philosophy is rooted in the principle of terroir purity. Yields are kept low to ensure optimum concentration of aromas, and vinification is carried out by plot to capture the subtle nuances of each lieu-dit.

Aurélien Suenen favors non-interventionist winemaking methods, allowing the terroir to express itself fully in the wines. Fermentations are often carried out with indigenous yeasts, adding an extra dimension to the aromatic complexity.

The Champagnes are characterized by their freshness, purity and elegance. From traditional Bruts to more confidential cuvées, each bottle is an authentic expression of the Côte des blancs terroir.

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