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Palmer & Co

Palmer & Co

Champagne Palmer & Co. is a renowned Champagne house located in the wine region of Champagne, France.  Read more

Palmer & Co

The story begins after the SecWorld War II when seven winemaking families in the Reims region joined forces to create a joint Champagne house. The name "Palmer" is a tribute to Charles Palmer, an 18th-century English wine merchant who was a great lover of Champagne. This union of winegrowing families was the starting point of an exceptional winegrowing adventure.

Since its foundation, the Descours family has remained at the heart with a tradition of over 70 years, the house is run by the fourth generation of the family. This family commitment is essential to maintaining the quality and consistency of Champagnes over the years.

The house's vineyards extend over 200 hectares in some of Champagne's most prestigious regions, notably in the Grands and Premiers Crus. This guarantees a supply of the highest quality grapes for the production of their cuvées.

The emphasis is on blending, where the region's different grape varieties - Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier - are skilfully combined to create balanced, complex Champagnes. Cuvées are aged for extended periods in their cellars, allowing them to develop a unique complexity and aromatic depth.

The house of Champagne has been hailed by critics and enthusiasts worldwide for its consistent quality and commitment to Champagne craftsmanship. The house embodies the art of Champagne production and the love of the Champagne terroir.