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Courvoisier Initial Extra

Cognac - Blend - Extra - Courvoisier
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The Maison Courvoisier, one of the oldest houses in Cognac, is a true mainstay.

Founded in 1835 by Emmanuel Courvoisier, this Cognac house has a rich history and a commitment to the quality of its eaux-de-vie.

The Courvoisier family history dates back more than a century and a half, when Emmanuel Courvoisier established the distillery in Jarnac, in the Cognac region. Since then, the Courvoisier family has kept the distillery under its control, taking care to maintain the family heritage and pRéserver tradition. Family continuity is an essential part of the Maison Courvoisier philosophy.

The Maison Courvoisier manages a vast Domaine of vineyards and land in the Cognac region, covering hectares of well-tended vines. This considerable Domaine size allows Courvoisier to have direct control over vine cultivation and guarantee the consistent quality of its grapes, which are the basis of its exceptional Cognacs.

Courvoisier is also known for its commitment to the quality and craftsmanship of Cognac. The house's production methods are steeped in tradition, from distillation in traditional copper stills to aging in French oak barrels. This meticulous approach allows pRéserver the unique aromas and characteristics of the Cognac terroir.

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Description Courvoisier Initial Extra.

An elegant, Rare blend of eaux-de-vie at the peak of their flavor. A perfect union of Grande Champagne and Borderies vintages, aged to perfection.

Aligning flavors worthy of a truly excellent Cognac, Initiale Extra displays a beautiful harmony of old port, truffle and warm fruitcake.

A few drops are enough to provoke an explosion of flavors the palate will long remember.