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Raymond Ragnaud 2002

Cognac - Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac - Vintage - Raymond Ragnaud
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Raymond Ragnaud

Raymond Ragnaud

The Ragnaud family owned in the 1860s a small vineyard in Grande Champagne of Cognac, a cru not yet classified Premier Cru but recognized by all the professionals of the time as the best Cru in the Region of Cognac and which would be classified Premier Cru later on due to its exceptional qualities.

The vineyard at that time as today was planted with Folle Blanche and Ugni-Blanc, a grape variety resistant to phylloxera, a deadly disease that plagued the entire vineyard of Cognac at that time.

It was in 1920 that Paul Ragnaud settled at Château in Ambleville followed in 1941 by his son Raymond who decided to create the Raymond Ragnaud brand by bottling the eaux de vie of his heritage under his name.

In 1963, his wife, helped later by his two children, Françoise and Jean-Marie, increased the vineyard by successive purchases to 47 hectares spread over 3 properties: Ambleville, Criteuil la Madeleine and Lignères-Sonneville on the famous limestone slopes of Grande Champagne.

For 30 years Françoise Ragnaud-Bricq, faithful to her ancestral roots has managed her three vineyards by perpetuating the traditions of know-how of this family established in Ambleville for more than 150 years in the vineyard of Grande Champagne Premier Cru.

Description Raymond Ragnaud 2002.

The house Raymond Ragnaud has a unique collection of vintages from 1990 to 2006 without interruption. To preserve their authenticity, no caramel, wood or sugar is added. Only a slight reduction with distilled water is carried out, with no pressure filtration or chilling.

Like all Cognacs from the house of Raymond Ragnaud, this 2002 vintage is made from grapes grown exclusively in the prestigious Grande Champagne cru, a sumptuous blend of eaux-de-vie from the 2002 harvest. The bottle format is fairly classic and faithful to tradition, while a fairly exhaustive label concerning product details will attract the most discerning connoisseurs.

This 2002 sports a superb amber color. The nose is full-bodied and beautifully displays the influence of the cask with aromas of nuts, almonds, cereals, as well as various spicy nuances. The fruitiness is strong, with notes of baked apple and pear, apricots Secs delicately interwoven. A slight hint of chocolate and coffee is also perceptible.

The palate is rich and fat, full of savory notes of candied fruit cake, fruit Secs. A subtle flavor of orange peel, tangerine, brings vivacity and freshness. Walnut, almond and brioche complete the picture for a complex, balanced patchwork. The long, dry finish on citrus, vanilla and spices makes this Cognac an energetic, elegant digestif.