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Limited edition

Delamain Ambleville 1995 Collection Révélation Pléiade

Cognac - Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac - Vintage - Delamain
0,70L bottle with box
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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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"Great Cognacs, in the purest expression of their terroir of origin"

1759 is the date when James Delamain, a native of Ireland joined forces with his father-in-law Jean-Isaac Ranson, owner of an old exporting house whose origins date back to the very early days of Cognac to found the James Delamain House.
The House is still run today by the descendants of James Delamain.
James Delamain has remained very much a craftsman's business, and all the operations of maturing the brandies and bottling them are carried out by hand according to the rules of the art, with an absolute requirement for quality.
Delamain it is Cognacs of different ages, all Grande Champagne exclusively coming thus from Premier Cru of the region of Cognac.

Description Delamain Ambleville 1995 Collection Révélation Pléiade.

Pléiade brings together some of the House's most prestigious Cognacs, true gems Delamain. It is designed to appeal to a new generation of discerning spirit drinkers and explorers, looking for Rares and unusual products. Produced from a single harvest or vineyard, from a single cask and therefore offered without blending, these Cognacs are presented without any added sugar or caramel, expressing themselves in their most absolute purity. Produced in limited series, the Pléiade range is structured around three collections, defined according to the length of aging.

The Révélation collection comprises Très vieux Cognacs. This Millésimé 1995, a single-cask with a total ageing period of 26 years, comes from the vineyards of Ambleville, a commune to the south of the prestigious Grande Champagne terroir.  For its first 20 years, the wax-sealed cask was aged in a cellar in Ambleville, where humid conditions create optimal natural reduction. It was then transferred to the riverside cellar Delamain in Jarnac, where near-perfect humidity levels provided ideal late-aging conditions.

Arboring a brilliant amber color with orange highlights, this magnificent eau-de-vie opens delicately with a gourmet nose featuring aromas of buttery chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. Rich and warm, with well-melted alcohol, the nose is beautifully balanced. Notes of pepper, spice and citrus zest add vivacity and a distinguished, racy edge.

The palate is fat and unctuous, very rich. A fruity framework sets in with aromas of overripe cherries and a hint of apricot Sec. The whole is ripe and complex, with notes of spice and nutmeg, accompanied by licorice and aniseed that add freshness. Delicate hints of leather and rancio bring class and nobility to a long, distinguished finish.