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Lhéraud Fins Bois 1982

Cognac - Fins bois - Vintage - Lhéraud
0,70L bottle with box
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Cognac Lhéraud is an artisanal Cognac house, renowned for its commitment to tradition and the exceptional quality of its Cognacs. Founded by the Lhéraud family over four generations ago, this family-run house passionately perpetuates ancestral know-how, while celebrating the wonders of the Cognac terroir.

The history of the Lhéraud family dates back to the 19th century, when Léopold Lhéraud, a passionate winegrower, decided to start producing Cognac. Since then, the family has been committed to pRéserver and passing on its unique know-how from generation to generation.

The house's vineyards are located in the Grande Champagne cru, the region's most prestigious, renowned for its unique limestone soil. This terroir gives rise to grapes of exceptional quality, rich in aroma and character, which are the foundation of Lhéraud's Cognacs.

Lhéraud attaches great importance to rigorous grape selection. Harvesting is carried out by hand, enabling a meticulous selection of the ripest and healthiest bunches. This attention to detail is reflected in the quality of the eaux-de-vie produced, which are then traditionally distilled in copper stills. This artisanal method guarantees the preservation of the subtle aromas and rich terroir in Cognacs Lhéraud.

The ageing of Cognacs Lhéraud is a meticulous process that takes place in traditional cellars. The... See more ...

Description Lhéraud Fins Bois 1982.

This wonderful eau-de-vie is presented to us in the classic bottle of the Cognacs Lheraud, a copy of an 18th-century bottle.

Raised from the 1982 harvest, the eaux-de-vie that gave rise to this great Cognac come exclusively from grapes grown on the Fins Bois terroir, a unique terroir that imparts elegant floral aromas to the ugni-blanc grapes. As these eaux-de-vie are not often bottled on their own, without being blended with other terroirs, this Fins Bois 1982 is therefore an opportunity Rare to taste the inimitable style of this terroir through an old vintage.

With its magnificent amber color, this seductive Cognac presents an aroma reminiscent of apricot kernels, walnuts and muscatel. Delightful notes of white nougat, peace of spices and honey, as well as suave nuances of dark chocolate, also emerge. A hint of orange blossom adds to this elegantly complex ensemble.

The palate is perfectly balanced, round and harmonious. Gourmandise is the order of the day, with notes of vanilla and crème brûlée, without heaviness but with beautiful intensity. In the background, the fruity notes of pear and candied apricot. A complex, delicate palate accompanies us for long Secondes... An undeniably charming Cognac.