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Andre Beaufort

Champagne André Beaufort, it's a rare pearl in the middle of an exceptional region: the Champagne and what's more located at Ambonnay, one of the Rares also of the 17 Grands Crus classés of the Champagne region. Read more

Andre Beaufort

The family's vineyards Beaufort are located in the heart of Champagne, just a stone's throw from ReimsEpernay et Chalons sur Marne. They lie on limestone soil, a key element in the marvellous alchemy of making Champagne and very favourable for giving birth to a Grand Vin, classified as such Grand Cru, as defined by sommeliers of high repute at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Three quarters of the vineyard is planted with Pinot Noir and the rest with Chardonnay for a perfect balance between gustatory sensations and flowery fragrances.

Since 1969, the vineyard of Ambonnay has been cultivated in agrobiology without adjuvants of non-natural products. Similarly, the vineyard soil is hoeed on the surface only to limit weed competition without bruising the vine roots.

The harvest takes place 60 days after flowering in early summer. The berries are pressed within a maximum of 12 hours after being brought back to the grape-picker, and the very clear wines thus obtained are settled twice.

After alcoholic fermentation, the Beaufort let the malolactic fermentation which gives the wines suppleness and smoothness without acidity.

The wines are then bottled and rested on laths and aged on lees before being disgorged some time before shipping and the disgorging date is written on each bottle

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