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The House is located in Aÿ, a village with a viticultural vocation since Roman times.

It was Henri IV, King of France in the sixteenth century who also liked to be called Sieur d'Aÿ, a title he was particularly fond of and which ensured, throughout his kingdom, the fame of the clear wines of Aÿ, which were not sparkling at that time.

About two hundred years later, the invention of the blending of different vintages and the control of the sparkling process allowed the creation of Champagne, an effervescent wine in the bottle. It is only towards the end of the nineteenth that the famous wines of Aÿ took the name "Champagne" as we know it today.

The House Lallier will be founded a little at the same time in 1906 in Aÿ this famous village classified Grand Cru in 1936. Maison Lallier is run today by Francis Tribaut, an heir of four generations of Champagne winemakers.

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