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Domaine Comte de Vogüé Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2019

Bourgogne - Bonnes Mares - Grand Cru - Comte de Vogüé
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Comte de Vogüé

Comte de Vogüé

The Comte de Vogüé is a French nobleman whose title of nobility, that of Count, is associated with a rich family history and a prestigious Domaine.

The de Vogüé family has deep roots in the history of French nobility, probably going back several centuries. The lineage of the Counts de Vogüé played a significant role in the development of French society and left a notable imprint in the annals of the aristocracy.

The history of the de Vogüé family probably dates back to medieval times, when ancestors of the lineage may have played important roles in the political, military or cultural life of France. The Counts of Vogüé may have served the French monarchy or participated in key events in the country's history. This rich family history is often marked by strategic matrimonial alliances, complex inheritances and commitments to the crown.

The Domaine associated with the Comte de Vogüé is probably a central element of family identity. French noble families were often linked to considerable landholdings, symbolizing their social status and contributing to their political and economic influence. The de Vogüé Domaine, whether a stately Château, a historic residence or a vast rural Domaine, has probably witnessed many generations of the family and the evolution of French society.

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Description Domaine Comte de Vogüé Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2019.

The Domaine Comte de Vogüe, a major property of the Côte de Nuits, is based in Chambolle Musigny and farms 12 hectares. It owns 70% of the Musigny Grand Cru appellation, with its 7.2 hectares of red and 65 ares of white (the entire Musigny white appellation). A number of other magnificent crus complete the estate, such as Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureuses and Bonnes Mares.

Les Bonnes Mares is 2.7 hectares of Pinot Noir, in the southeastern part of Domaine on the edge of Morey Saint Denis, on a terroir characteristic of "terres rouges", ferruginous soils overlaying entrusted limestone and bringing structure and tension to the wines. Viticultural practices at Domaine meet BIO specifications (without certification) and yields are controlled, 30Hl/Ha, or 5 to 6 bunches per vine.

In the winery, grapes are partially destemmed and during vinification pumping-over is favored to pRéserver softness and promote oxygenation. The wine is aged for 14 to 15 months in oak barrels, 30 to 50% of which are new, depending on the vintage.

The wine is a deep red color. The nose opens with delicate notes of tart Morello cherry, lilac and violet, followed very quickly by ferruginous power, earthy notes, mushrooms, sprinkled with peppery spices. The palate is full and structured, with bright aromas of cherry, blue berry and plum liqueur. The finish is of great purity combined with beautiful tension; notes of earth and humus are present.

The Bonnes Mares of the Domaine Comte de Vogüé is a bloody, tight wine that impresses with its substance and concentration compared to the other wines in the range. It's a gastronomic wine, which you can accompany with roast veal with morels, or venison jig with pressed potatoes. It's also an excellent match for Epoisses.