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Henriet-Bazin Hypolite Blanc de Blancs

Champagne - Extra brut - Premier Cru - Blanc de blancs - Henriet-Bazin

A champagne for exceptional gastronomy.

Bottle 0.75L
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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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Chardonnay 100%


The House of Champagne Henriet-Bazin is located in the heart of Montagne de Reims, reigning over a vineyard of 7.76 hectares, some of which are classified as Premier Cru around the town of Villers-Marmey and Grand Cru around the towns of Verzy and Verzenay. Marie-Noëlle Rainon-Henriet is now the fourth generation to manage the family Domaine, in a very committed approach to the environment and the preservation of biodiversity. While she manages the vinification of her wines, her husband takes care of the work in the vineyard.

What is the history of the House of Champagne Henriet-Bazin?

It was in 1890 that Gaston Henriet decided to found his house with two winegrower friends of Verzenay. At that time, all of the grapes produced by the winegrowers were sold to the large trading houses, Gaston Henriet and his friends wishing to have total control over the vinification of their production and its marketing. His son Robert took over in 1930, followed by Daniel in 1962 who married Michelle Bazin, a winegrower's daughter in Villers-Marmery. From their union was born the definitive name of the company: Henriet-Bazin. Their daughter Marie-Noëlle took over the operation in 1991, and since then she has never ceased to pay tribute to her family roots thanks to Champagnes of great finesse.

An exceptional terroir managed with respect for the environment

The vineyard of Maison Henriet-Bazin is planted to 42.5% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir and 22.5% Pinot Meunier. Marie-Noëlle Rainon-Henriet recently made the choice to evolve the working methods of the Domaine in order to offer true 01234-56789s of terroir. She has been managing her vineyard in a reasoned way for a long time and has recently converted the farm to Organic Agriculture. All these steps promote biodiversity and life in the soil, which is reflected in the quality of the grapes. Not to forget that according to her philosophy, what is good for life is good for the vine.

The House Henriet-Bazin: Champagnes of terroir and character

The House Henriet-Bazin offers, in particular, beautiful Champagnes Blanc de blancs 1er Cru, based on Chardonnay from the sumptuous chalk terroirs of the Montagne de Reims. Harmonious Champagnes where freshness and minerality are expressed. The Cuvée Hypolite, also in Blanc de blancs 1er Cru but aged in oak barrels, will perfectly accompany refined dishes for a beautiful moment of tasting.

As for the Blanc de noirs Grand Cru, they assert the power and vinosity of Pinot Noir. These are elegant and finely constructed Champagnes, with a beautiful creamy effervescence, which will delight the most gourmet palates.

The Cuvées Carte d'Or are exceptional Champagnes Millésimés, taking the name of the first vintage made by Gaston Henriet in 1896. Aged for a minimum of 7 years, they present an unparalleled elegance and voluptuousness.

Description Henriet-Bazin Hypolite Blanc de Blancs.

A 100% Chardonnay kept for 7 years in the cellars of the estate and exclusively from the 2013 harvest.

The Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Matured in oak barrels is a harmonious and refined Champagne intended for intimate moments and exceptional gastronomy. We suggest a tasting temperature between 10 and 14 ° C with the following culinary harmonies:

Roasted cod fillet and fine celeriac purée

Pike-perch fillet and creamed morels

Low temperature potato with truffle butter

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Comté, Grana matured 18 to 24 months