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Château Montifaud Réserve Spéciale Michel Vallet

Cognac - Petite Champagne - Napoléon - Château Montifaud
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Château Montifaud

Château Montifaud

La Maison Montifaud, located in the heart of the Cognac region of France, is a renowned distillery that embodies excellence in the production of Cognac.

Founded in 1837 by Augustin Vallet, this house of Cognacs is today run by the sixth generation of the Vallet family, a testament to the family's ongoing commitment to tradition and craftsmanship.

The Vallet family history dates back over 180 years, when Augustin Vallet established the Montifaud distillery. Since then, the Vallet family have dedicated their lives to producing exceptional Cognacs, passing on their expertise from generation to generation. This family continuity is an essential part of the Montifaud philosophy, where each family member is committed to pRéserver the heritage while seeking to innovate and constantly improve the quality of their Cognacs.

Montifaud's Domaine viticultural estate is vast, spanning hectares of well-tended vineyards in the Petite Champagne region, one of Cognac's most prestigious crus. The limestone and clay soils of Petite Champagne bring a unique complexity and aromatic richness to the grapes that form the basis of Cognacs Montifaud. This considerable Domaine size enables Montifaud to grow its own vines, closely monitor every stage of production and guarantee the exceptional quality of its eaux-de-vie.

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Description Château Montifaud Réserve Spéciale Michel Vallet.

Cognac blend exclusively from the Petite Champagne cru, the eaux-de-vie aged for at least seven years in new barrels the first year and then in older barrels. 

The chalky, slightly stony soils of Petite Champagne produce rich, acidic Ugni Blanc grapes, perfect for making quality eaux-de-vie. 

The Cuvée Réserve Spéciale Michel Vallet is presented in a heavy, round "Helios" decanter with a thick glass base and oversized gold stopper.  

The nose is driven by delicate notes of lime blossom, dried flowers and vanilla.  

The palate reveals fruity aromas with hints of apricot and plum. A delicate woody touch sublimates this very delicate yet powerful Cognac.