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Brut de Fût

Vallein Tercinier Lot 72 Single Cask

Cognac - Petite Champagne - XO - Vallein Tercinier
0,70L bottle with box
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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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Vallein Tercinier

Vallein Tercinier

A House of Cognac, located in Chermignac in the heart of this deep Saintonge, not far from Saintes, a Roman city with limestone soils where the Romans planted their first vines in Gaul at the very beginning of our era.

Saintes could have become the capital of Cognac, but it had to give way to its rival Cognac, which later gave its name to France's most famous eau-de-vie at the end of the 19th century.

The house of Vallein-Tercinier was founded in 1850 and is still run today by a 5th generation bearing the same name.

Description Vallein Tercinier Lot 72 Single Cask.

Lot 72 is a Cognac Brut cask, meaning it has undergone no modification whatsoever. Once Extrait from its oak cask, it will have undergone no reduction with distilled water, has not been filtered and no sugar or coloring has been added. It retains its natural purity and transparency.

On the nose, aromas characteristic of old eaux-de-vie appear, such as cocoa, praline, amber and saffron.

The Secondaires are round, marked by very fine tannins and notes of heather honey.

The palate is delicious. Sweetness, freshness and delicacy are supported by fragrances of bourbon vanilla, English cake, licorice and candied oranges.

The length on the palate is superb with a finish of blond tobacco, currants, walnuts and very discreet sensations of smoking.

An elegant Cognac to be enjoyed with a chocolate almond dessert or simply as a digestif.