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A.E. Dor 1989

Cognac - Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac - Vintage - A.E. Dor

A mythical year because of the excellent weather conditions.

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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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A.E. Dor

A.E. Dor

A house of Cognac created in 1858 by Jean Baptiste DOR, continued by his Son Amédée  Edouard DOR who researched, selected and collected the best Cognacs and eaux de vie. In those days, professionals called him "the antique dealer of Cognac".

After aging in oak barrels for decades (70 years and more), some of these venerable Eaux de vie from Grande Champagne, the Premier Cru de Cognac, were carefully collected at the fullness of their aroma in wax-sealed Dames-jeannes, to keep them intact.

Today, these glass carboys sleep in a cellar Secret called  "Paradis", unchanged since its creation, proudly displaying their prestigious vintages. The jewels of the AE DOR House, their origins generally predate the famous phylloxera epidemic of 1874. They have preserved their precious contents intact for over a century, justifying the worldwide renown of Maison AE DOR. 

Description A.E. Dor 1989.

1989, a mythical year, like 1990, because the climatic conditions during the four seasons were perfect giving a superb blooming at the right time of the buds and the leaves, a perfumed blooming in July under a brilliant sun, a veraison in August which saw an alternation of rains and suns favouring the maturation of the berries with pleasure, by offering healthy grape harvests by a fresh and dry autumn sun.

It is a Cognac that comes exclusively from wines harvested and distilled in 1989 from Grande Champagne, classified as a Premier Cru of the delimited Cognac region.

Since then, the cognac has been aged in small French oak barrels in the shade of century-old cellars.

The dress is mahogany of Cuba.

In the nose as in the mouth: an infinite cognac on a palette of perfumes and flavors from white spring flowers, such as white hawthorn or osmanthus, to spices (grey and black pepper), cinnamon, nutmeg, candied fruits such as the Ente plum or the Alsace mirabelle plum or apricot, to finish on a diversity of coffees and mochas.

A tasting on dark chocolate cakes or Norwegian or vanilla ice creams or on an apricot or black cherry tart from the Basque Country, will be a plus.