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Grosperrin 2001

Cognac - Fins bois - Vintage - Grosperrin
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The Cognac Grosperrin is a name that resonates with excellence and tradition in the world of Cognac. This family-owned company, founded by Jean Grosperrin, is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and the exceptional quality of its Cognacs. With a history that dates back over two centuries, Cognac Grosperrin is the fruit of a passion passed down from generation to generation.

The story of the Grosperrin family begins in the early 19th century, when Jean Grosperrin, a wine merchant, began producing and trading Cognac. Since then, the family has developed a unique expertise in selecting exceptional Cognacs from the region's finest Domaines.

What sets Cognac Grosperrin apart is its resolute focus on quality and authenticity. Unlike the big Cognac houses that produce blends, Grosperrin focuses on buying and maturing Cognacs from small, artisanal distilleries. These Cognacs are aged in oak casks in the traditional cellars of the Cognac region, where the mild, oceanic climate plays an essential role in the maturation process.

The terroir of the Cognac region is a key element in the quality of Cognacs Grosperrin. The vineyards lie on limestone soils, which give the grapes a unique mineral richness. What's more, the mild climate, tempered by the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, favors slow, steady ripening of the grapes, enabling the development of complex aromas of great finesse.

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Description Grosperrin 2001.

This Cognac Millésimé comes from a twenty-hectare vineyard called "La Petite Chapelle", located in the commune of Champmillon.

The two parcels that produced this Cognac have been farmed organically since 1990 by a single woman, who took over her father's business when he passed away.

This is therefore one of the oldest organic productions in the Cognac region, which has around sixty organic farms today (out of around 5,000), some of which are very small.

Straw dress. A beautiful 19-year-old Fins Bois with its gourmet notes of fresh fruit and citrus.

On the nose, notes of peach skin, apricots. On the palate, the freshness and naturalness of this Cognac are striking.

These fruity notes are found again, but they are extended by more complex aromas, like those of a bouquet of dried flowers forgotten on a table on a summer's day.

The finish amplifies these floral notes (daffodil, narcissus), quickly overlaid by more obvious notes of grapes, orange zest and fresh spices.