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Larmandier-Bernier Blanc de Noirs 2015

Champagne - Brut nature - Grand Cru - Blanc de noirs - Larmandier-Bernier

Vines 50 to 80 years old located in Cramant: "Bourron du Levant".

Bottle 0.75L
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The Larmandier and Bernier families have been involved in the Champenois vineyards since the French Revolution. As early as the 18th century, the Larmandiers also participated in the rise of Côte des blancs with the renown of their Cramant Blanc de blancs Nature.

Founded in 1971 by Philippe Larmandier and his wife Elisabeth Bernier, Maison Larmandier-Bernier is today run by their son, Pierre, who is committed to offering the purest expression of this great terroir through natural viticulture.

What is the history of Maison Larmandier-Bernier?

Since their establishment in Champagne, passion and know-how have always been passed down from generation to generation within both the Larmandier and Bernier families. From the 20th century onwards, Jules Larmandier produced Champagnes with remarkable taste qualities, and it wasn't long before many top Parisian restaurants were interested in them. Larmandier Champagnes were soon being served at Tour d'Argent, Taillevant and Charlot roi des coquillages.

The House took the name Larmandier-Bernier in 1971, following the marriage of Philippe Larmandier, Jules' grandson, to Elisabeth Bernier, a vineyard owner in Vertus. In 1988, their son Pierre decided to join the family business, in order to practise the trade that is so close to his heart. Accompanied by his wife Sophie, the couple are constantly improving the quality of their farming practices, having converted their... See more ...

Description Larmandier-Bernier Blanc de Noirs 2015.

Habituated to offering us the purest expression of Chardonnay on the great terroirs of Côte des blancs, this benchmark producer that is Larmandier-Bernier has decided to produce its first Blanc de noirs with grapes from 2015, a very good vintage for pinots noirs in Champagne. This cuvée from old Pinot Noir vines in Vertus (a village whose red wines were once as famous as those of Bouzy) displays a purity characteristic of the House's Champagnes and deep vinosity!

It is made in the same way as Terre de Vertus: the base wine ferments naturally, without added yeast, then matures in foudre and vats for 11 months on lees. Bottling in July 2016 was followed by 6 years of long ageing on laths to express its full complexity.

La robe is bright, golden with a slight coppery sheen. On the nose, this wonderful wine reveals itself to be very authentic and muscular: to the discreet greediness of its fruity aromas of cherry, blackcurrant and tart red berries are added scents of chalk and laurel, a hint of smoke. A few floral notes add a touch of delicacy to this powerful, racy nose.

The palate is highly mature, as close as possible to the terroir. The great vivacity conferred by the absence of dosage highlights the purity and natural richness of pinot noir. More angular than round, this wine is pure, with notes of layered red fruits, a touch of mocha and hints of umami. A particularly vinous Blanc de noirs, which evolves in the glass, endowed with superb freshness. Deep and delicious, "cette falaise de craie" will delight the palates of wine lovers in search of authenticity, without compromise. It will be the perfect match for roast poularde with morels and chanterelles, or finely smoked fish.