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Frapin VSOP

Cognac - Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac - VSOP - Frapin

Grande Champagne Cognac from the Frapin vineyard.

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Installed in southwestern France since 1270, the Frapin family has been a family of winemakers, then distillers for over twenty generations, owning a 240-hectare Vineyard in Grande Champagne.

It is the Grande Champagne, classified Premier Cru of the Region of Cognac, which will become the land of choice of this family settled at Château of Fontpinot.

In its family tree, the family Frapin counts the famous writer Antoine Rabelais in the 16th century. As a small nod to history, the House Frapin has as its logo the golden feather of the writer.

The wines are distilled with the lees at Frapin. After the traditional double distillation known as "Charentaise" the newly distilled brandies are housed for a quarter in new barrels and for the rest in red barrels see older.

The house Frapin elaborates a wide range of Cognacs, the oldest of which date back to 1888.

Description Frapin VSOP.

Cognac Grande Champagne, classified as Premier Cru at the very top of the quality hierarchy of Cognacs, comes from the vineyard of the Maison Frapin.

This Cognac is the ancestral know-how of the Frapin family whose origins in the Cognac region date back to the 13th century.

Harvested, distilled on lees and aged at the estate, it writes a new chapter in its history with a new bottle bringing elegance and refinement.

Presented in a carafe, reproduction of a 16th century bottle in extra white glass.

The orange color testifies to the long aging in oak barrels from Limousin.

On the nose: a wide range of fruity aromas of candied orange and floral aromas such as dried lime blossom with discreet touches of cinnamon and vanilla.

In the mouth: beautiful harmony with a balance and a persistence of the flavors and notably of the fruit of which the orange. The finish is spicy with notes of cinnamon, pepper and vanilla.