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Gosset Cuvée Extra Brut

Champagne - Extra brut - Gosset

Format et conditionnement

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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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Grape varieties
Pinot Meunier 32%
Pinot Noir 40%
Chardonnay 28%


Owned since 1994 by the Renaud Cointreau group, Maison Gosset has been perfecting and passing on its traditional know-how in the production of Champagne wines since 1584.

A method complemented by maturation of the wines on lees in the depths of their 1.7 km of 19th-century cellars, in the heart of a listed park in Épernay. However, a large proportion of the wines destined for ageing remain stored at Aÿ. Indeed, it's in this prestigious village, classified Grand Cru and renowned for its pinot noir, that Gosset's reputation has been built, with vinous cuvées marketed after long aging.

Half of the House's production is dedicated to the Extra brut cuvée, with malolactic fermentation done, while the other half, more dedicated to purists of the Gosset style, goes into the "Antique" range. It's the latter that we sell on, a range of sparkling wines with a very mature style, incredibly fine bubbles and no malolactic fermentation. The natural freshness of the grapes is thus preserved, the wines retain all the elegance of the fruit and offer a lively attack and full expression of the aromas. 

The quality and style of Champagne Gosset's wines, a reflection of its excellent know-how, earned it the state label "Entreprise du Patrimoine... See more ...

Description Gosset Cuvée Extra Brut.

This is a Champagne Extra brut of blends composed of 40% Pinot Noir, 32% Pinot Meunier and 28% Chardonnay.

La robe is pale gold and luminous.

Nose and palate: white flowers such as hawthorn and acacia with gourmet notes of pear, vine peach, mirabelle plum and greengage. A minimum of 4 years' cellar ageing reveals its great aromatic complexity. This Champagne of great purity retains vivacity and freshness to balance its gourmet vinosity on the palate.

Dining and wine pairing: this is the Champagne par excellence for aperitifs and moments to remember whatever the occasion. Cuvée Gosset Extra brut goes perfectly with raw baby vegetables, fresh prawns or savoury cookies.

Wine and food pairing: this is the perfect aperitif wine for moments to remember on any occasion