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Vallein Tercinier Lot 96 Single Cask

Cognac - Fins bois - XO - Vallein Tercinier
0,70L bottle with box
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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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Vallein Tercinier

Vallein Tercinier

A House of Cognac, located in Chermignac in the heart of this deep Saintonge, not far from Saintes, a Roman city with limestone soils where the Romans planted their first vines in Gaul at the very beginning of our era.

Saintes could have become the capital of Cognac, but it had to give way to its rival Cognac, which later gave its name to France's most famous eau-de-vie at the end of the 19th century.

The house of Vallein-Tercinier was founded in 1850 and is still run today by a 5th generation bearing the same name.

Description Vallein Tercinier Lot 96 Single Cask.

Vallein Tercinier is a totally independent, family-run house which, for over a century and a half, has been distilling and maturing eaux-de-vie of all vintages to offer connoisseurs the finest selection of Cognac blend and Cognac Brut cask.

The Cognac selected here is a Brut de fût (i.e. the Cognac has not been reduced, it has been bottled at its natural degree) exclusively from Premier Cru de Cognac, the Grande Champagne (also known as Cœur du Cognac).
This cru, with its hilly terrain, soft limestone soil and sometimes "sticky" clays, produces eaux de vie of extreme finesse, great lightness and adorned with a subtle floral bouquet.

This Cognac from Grande Champagne "Lot 96" has aged 27 years (bottling 2023) in Limousin oak barrels, then selected by the cellar master for its aromatic finesse, perfect balance, and above all for the gustatory pleasure provided. This is a limited edition, unchill-filtered and natural in color, with only 614 bottles produced.

The nose is subtle and voluptuous, exuberant and wise at the same time. Lime blossom, dried almond and Morello cherry, as well as pear and peach, are discovered in turn.
The palate is gourmand, of sweet spices, such as licorice and Timut pepper, and fresh citrus, all followed by a smooth finish of custard, honey and chestnuts.

A delicious vine peach tart will go well with this generous and harmonious Cognac.