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Kelt Tour du Monde Quatre Vents

Cognac - Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac - Hors d'âge - Kelt

Homage to the Four Winds encountered during the maturation process on the Ocean.

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Cognac Kelt an exception in the world of Cognac.

Until the end of the nineteenth century, Cognacs that had already aged in Limousin oak barrels in the cellars along the banks of the Charente River before being loaded onto barges and then onto boats either from Bordeaux or from La Rochelle were sold in barrels.

The casks were sealed with wax or with claw bungs driven very deep into the wood in order to guarantee the origin and volume of the product in the cask when it arrived at its destination, in the port closest to the buyer.

Only once they arrived at the warehouses of the buyer who was also the Distributor in foreign markets were the Cognacs bottled often under both the names of the foreign buyer and the French Cognac Negociant.

Then, between the 1900s and 1940s, legislation became stricter by requiring Cognac Negociants to bottle in the appellation contrôlée area exclusively in order to be entitled to the Cognac appellation. Thus, a succession of Laws was born, the three main ones being the compulsory... See more ...

Description Kelt Tour du Monde Quatre Vents.

It is a Cognac blend of Eaux-de-Vie coming from the distillation of wines harvested exclusively in Grande Champagne de Cognac, classified as Premier Cru of the Cognac Region.

These cognacs are aged in oak barrels of more than 30 years.

Once the ageing process has reached its optimal quality defined by the Cellar Master for this quality, the Cognac is taken on board a boat for a 3 month world tour in order to give the Cognac, in addition to the wide range of aromas and length in the mouth acquired in France, all the roundness and suppleness given by this unique maturation on the oceans as in the past more than a century ago

The dress is deep mahogany of Cuba.

On the nose: a wide range of white flower aromas, the most striking of which are narcissus, jasmine with touches of vanilla and leather and a slight hint of musk.

In mouth: exotic fruits in first sensation like passion fruit. A lot of saffron and sweet almonds.

A well marked length.