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Tesseron Lot 29 XO Exception

Cognac - Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac - XO - Tesseron

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Premium Grands Crus invites you to push open the doors of the house of Cognac Tesseron in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente. A small town some thirty kilometers from Cognac to discover a family treasure: a unique collection of very large and fine Cognacs.

The origin of this treasure dates back to the 19th century. In 1905 Abel Tesseron acquired this House and began collecting Cognacs Rares and prestigious.

The tradition continues with his son Guy, then with his grandsons Alfred and Gérard, and finally with their reciprocal children today, Justine and Noé, and Mélanie and Philippine, a fourth generation.

The House of Cognac Tesseron, owns 40 hectares of vines spread over the two premier crus of the appellation, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. 

This region benefits from an oceanic climate, characterized by mild winters and moderately hot summers, which facilitates the slow ripening of the grapes. The proximity of the Charente river and the regularity of rainfall provide a humidity that is essential to the health of the vineyards and favorable to long aging in the cellars. 

This family-run Maison still grows here, in addition to Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and CoLombard, autochthonous grape varieties that have become Rares.

Description Tesseron Lot 29 XO Exception.

When Maison Tesseron decided to offer the Market four blends - or four "lots" to use the local vocabulary - of Cognacs bearing its name, symbolizing the four generations of Tesseron at the head of the family business, it took up an internal practice of sending samples under a lot number to identify them. The result is Lot N°90 XO Ovation, Lot N°76 XO Tradition, Lot N°53 XO Perfection and Lot N°29 XO Exception.

Lot N°29 XO Exception is a blend of eaux de vie made exclusively from Grande Champagne, and crafted from Ugni Blanc, for tension and vivacity, CoLombard for roundness and aromatics, and finally Folle Blanche for race and precision. All wines are distilled with the lees, to obtain eaux de vie with greater body, elegance and persistence. They are then aged in French Limousin oak barrels for more than three generations. They will stay in the "Paradis", this timeless cellar where the oldest eaux de vie date back to Abel's private collection Tesseron.

This Cognac offers a perfect balance between richness and finesse. Its brilliant color is topaz gold with amber highlights. The nose is powerful and bewitching, on fig, plum, pineapple, but also honey, mocha and cocoa, finishing on wild carnation and rose. These generous yet subtle notes are complemented by leather, sweet spices - vanilla and nutmeg - and precious wood. The palate is very elegant, combining fruit Secs, candied orange and marmalade with refreshing notes of orange blossom. And what can we say about this length, this interminable rancio that characterizes the great Cognacs so well ... a true gem of the Grande Champagne. 

And when we speak of rancio we often think chocolate ... don't hesitate to associate this Lot N°29 XO Exception with the beautiful bitterness of pure dark chocolate (+80%), a stunning combination. This famous rancio can also refer to cooked citrus fruits, try a Panna Cotta with orange fondue, a delight!